• All submissions must be original songs in which YOU own the copyright.
  • We will email you pdf.'s of the forms that need to be filled out in order for your song or songs to be included in a show.
  • There is no compensation for any songs played on a show by the band or artist, but your website can be pitched in order to direct traffic to your site for CD sales, tour info etc.
  • email Mark at for more info.


  • All songs must be the original work of the artist/band, or of a songwriter who gives his or her consent for the band/artist to have their music played royalty-free.
  • All songs must be submitted on CD. No MP3's will be accepted.
  • Artists who are signed to record label or publishing company are eligible, as long as their copyright owners sign the submission form, giving us the royalty-free right to play the song and recording on the web.
  • Songs of all genres will be accepted. Songs of any length are acceptable. Artists can submit as many songs as they like, but an artist can only have 3 songs in heavy rotation at any time.
  • NO EXTREME PROFANITY! All songs must be radio-ready and can contain no profanity. We're unable to play any song that contains words that are banned from commercial radio. Besides, we don't want anyone's mother complaining to us about warping her child's mind. We have enough problems as it is!!!
  • If you submit a full-length CD, you must note on the submission form which song(s) you want our DJs to check out first. If we cannot determine which song(s) you are promoting, we will choose the song we like.
  • Please complete one submission form for each CD you submit.

  • CLICK HERE & printout the pdf submission form - email me for mailing address *DO NOT mail to Charlotte address - we address clearances in house

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